NCEON – North County Emergency Outreach Network – valiantly trying to fill in the gaps between what people have and what people need.   NCEON ensures that their clients are Anne Arundel residents and  that they are experiencing a true need.  Further, clients must wait 21 days after receipt of food stamps before becoming eligible to receive food from NCEON. NCEON provides food and occasionally reaches out to BG&E to request relief for some of their customers who are experiencing dire straits.  Few volunteers, fewer new members for their board and ever decreasing food donations paint a pretty grim picture for this much needed program.  They have had to end assistance with annual baskets during Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Social Services cut back on funds for food stamps has further increased the volume of clients requesting assistance.  With food inventory at an HISTORIC LOW,  please consider donating, whether it be your time or food, both are desperately needed.

How to help


  • Sort and package food
  • Stock shelves
  • Interview clients
  • Distribute necessary items to clients
  • Where: NCEON 304 5th Ave., S.E. Glen Burnie
  • When: MWF: 10am – 3pm


  • Non-perishable foods
  • Write checks for perishable food (which is deeply discounted from Maryland Food Bank) or for other types of assistance (checks payable to NCEON)
  • Where: Deliver to NCEON 304 5th Ave., S.E. Glen Burnie OR deliver to LSBC (label NCEON)
  • When: MWF: 10am – 3pm, Ongoing

Please contact Mona Hatfield directly to serve: